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Vitamin D for migraines

Vitamin D levels have been linked to certain pain states, including migraine. In this study, the authors investigated whether vitamin D supplementation would be beneficial for adult patients with migraine (1). A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel trial was conducted in migraine patients (36 women and 12 men, 18-65 years of age). A 4-week baseline period was conducted before randomization to 24 weeks of treatment. Participants were assigned to receive Vitamin D (n = 24, 18 women and 6 men, 100 μg/day Vitamin D or placebo (n = 24, 18 women and 6 men). Migraine attacks and related symptoms were assessed by self-reported diaries. The response rate (i.e., experiencing a 50% or greater reduction in migraine frequency from baseline to week 24), change in migraine severity, and number of migraine days were recorded. Migraine patients on Vitamin D demonstrated a significant decrease (p < 0.001) in migraine frequency from baseline to week 24 compared with placebo. However, migraine severity, pressure pain thresholds or temporal summation did not show a significant change. The authors conclude that Vitamin D was superior to placebo in reducing migraine days in migraine patients