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Editor’s letter

May 2018 Editor’s Letter

We hope all of our readers are gearing up for an exciting summer! Here in southern Ontario, we are simply happy to be finally rid of the ice and snow! At Naturopathic Currents, we are excited to bring you the latest on natural approaches to health.

Dr. Sarah King, ND writes about pregnancy changes… for your mouth! Yes, that’s right: how pregnancy results in changes to your dental and oral health. It seems no aspect of a woman’s health is untouched by the effects of pregnancy!

Dr. Evan McCarvill, ND writes about candida. For those who don’t know, candida is a yeast species that grows in the human gastrointestinal tract. Imbalances between candida species and surrounding flora can result in an array of unwelcome digestive symptoms.

Dr. Krysten DeSouza, ND shares her insights on the pervasive topic of adrenal fatigue. In short, this describes the condition of “burnout,” and its associated stages with respect to adrenal hormone production. This has got to be one of the most common conditions seen in practice by naturopathic doctors.

Dr. Jeanny Kim, ND explains the range of health benefits associated with the essential trace mineral, magnesium. From asthma, migraine, and cardiovascular disease, magnesium exerts a number of important effects.

Finally, Dr. George Cho, ND summarizes some of the findings from research conducted on the “Blue zones” around the world, a handful of rural areas around the globe where traditional lifestyles are still adhered to. Not surprisingly, researchers have found that these communities demonstrate considerably lower rates of chronic disease. Dr. Cho discusses diet in light of these findings.

Happy reading!

In health,
Heidi Fritz, MA, ND
Editor-in-Chief, Naturopathic Currents