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Mediterranean diet for healthy aging

This review article discusses the Mediterranean diet for veterans as a possible basis for good health (1). Veterans with disability represent a big burden worldwide and often require long-term rehabilitation. Unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits, including smoke and alcohol abuse, are common in veterans. The Mediterranean diet has been suggested as a natural, non-pharmacological nutraceutical for healthy ageing. Although there is a broad consensus on the positive effect of plant foods consumption, the presence of glucosinolates, flavonoids and furanocoumarins in some plant foods and beverages must be taken into consideration owing to their potential interfering with drugs metabolism and bioavailability. A personalized nutrition is recommended in veterans who are in treatment for comorbidities. Furthermore, sports practice can lead veterans with motor disabilities and mental impairments to excel in some disciplines, giving rise to the phenomenon of the Paralympics and the development of "recreational therapy". Moreover, outdoor lifestyle, through vitamin D synthesis, and conviviality, improving socialization, could account for the Mediterranean lifestyle health benefits. In this work we propose for veterans a Mediterranean Pyramid, which could be the basis for integrative medicine for veterans with disabilities, patient-centered approaches and interprofessional (including physical medicine and rehabilitation clinicians, pharmacists and nutritionists) interventions.