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Editor’s letter

December 2018 Editor’s Letter

This month we can finally all settle in, for sure, for real winter weather and Holiday cheer. We hope you can enjoy several hours by the fire with a mug of cocoa, or glass of resveratrol. Both fine antioxidants. To accompany you, we offer a selection of reading.

Heading up our line up, Dr. Amanda Ng, ND shares her approaches to managing acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Few people know that even in the absence of experiencing heartburn discomfort, GERD can be the underlying cause of chronic cough and hoarseness, even laryngitis. As naturopathic doctors like to say, “When in doubt, treat the gut.”

Dr. Alison Chen, ND writes about some top foods that are a common cause of food sensitivities. Do you know the difference between a food allergy and a food sensitivity?

Dr. Krysten DeSouza, ND shares her insights into the challenging area of smoking cessation. Tobacco is recognized as the number one preventable cause of cancer, and quitting smoking can rapidly improve the health of even long-time smokers.

Dr. Natalie Mulligan, ND discusses eating disorders, including how to recognize them, and how they differ from a healthy relationship with food.

Finally, Dr. Philip Rouchotas, MSc, ND reviews the science on curcumin for diabetes. Typically thought of for its anti-inflammatory effects, the role of curcumin in diabetes is still not well known.

Thank you to all of our contributors!

In health,
Heidi Fritz, MA, ND
Editor-in-Chief, Naturopathic Currents