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Editor’s letter

September 2018 Editor’s Letter

September is here, and everyone is heading back to their routines. This is a great time to undertake your health goals with new enthusiasm and commitment. This month, we offer you articles on topics related to women’s health as well as specific strategies for nutrient optimization.

Dr. Sarah King ND shares with us her insights on interpreting PAP test results. This test screens women for risk of cervical cancer based on the presence of abnormal cells called cervical dysplasia. However with so many stages, the real meaning of these results can be difficult for women to grasp.

Next, Dr. Laura Tummon Simmons ND writes about a condition called endometriosis. This condition is characterized by severe period pain or dysmenorrhea, and tends to be poorly understood in its cause. Dr. Tummon Simmons shares her thoughts on how to manage this endometriosis.

Dr. Amanda Ng, ND discusses the management of urinary tract infections. This can be a recurring problem for susceptible women. Natural strategies to prevent UTIs can help reduce symptoms as well as the requirements for antibiotics.

Dr. Krysten DeSouza, ND shares her knowledge on the health benefits of antioxidants, either as included through diet or through supplementation. Dr. DeSouza also discusses benefits as related to a number of chronic health conditions.

Last but not least, Dr. Evan McCarvill, ND writes about the benefits of naturopathic intravenous (IV) therapies. The use of vitamins and minerals in high doses through IV can be helpful for a variety of conditions ranging from fatigue, immune support, asthma, migraine, fibromyalgia, etc, as well as for cancer. Naturopathic doctors trained in IV therapies can formulate the treatments best suited for each patients based on their health concerns.

Happy reading!

In health,
Heidi Fritz, MA, ND
Editor-in-Chief, Naturopathic Currents